Chamomile + Moonstone calming mist

Chamomile + Moonstone calming mist

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Chamomile + Moonstone calming mist

4 oz | 120 mL


Chamomile + Moonstone calming mist is like an herbal tea for your skin. It’ll calm down any redness, puffiness and relax your skin back to perfection. A great solution after a long night with too many whiskeys around a fire or a day out in the sun. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Wild, like you. We use as many wild grown, all-natural ingredients as possible in our products, bringing you the purest botanical magick bottled up pretty and ready to make yours. Our products by hand in small batches in a tiny studio in Toronto.


All our products are plant based and cruelty free (that’s a fancy way of saying vegan)



Directions: Spritz on face or body (avoiding eyes), whenever you need a little boost. Great to use in your skincare regime after cleansing and before oils/moisturizer



Chamomile Soothe any redness or irritation with this ultra calming flower

Witch Hazel Calm that skin down with witch hazels natural ability to reduce redness and inflammation.

Aloe Vera Refreshing, healing and moisturizing without being oily, aloe vera is an all around all star, plus it’s natural salicylic acid  keeps breakouts in check.

Moonstone This lunar stone will reconnect you to your intuition and calm your nerves