Wild Woman: Natasha Helwig

Natasha (better known as Tash) is the kind of woman you meet and don’t forget. Right off the bat, you’ll be thinking “Holy fuck, is that (a short haired) Princess Jasmine in real life?!” (her stunning looks come from a Jamaican, Indian and German heritage), once you’ve settled into the fact that she is indeed a real life person, you’ll be so enamored with her soft calming voice and near constant laughter that you’ll forget that Princess whats-her-face ever existed in the first place. It’s important to note that, although Natasha is soft spoken her choice of words wield a particular power and weight that might surprise you at first meeting.

I met Natasha while working at a real estate brokerage in my early 20’s and quickly learned about the work she was doing with her organization Broken Heals. She worked during the day at the brokerage, and threw events, workshops, wrote blogs (and eventually a book, which you can find here), and coached one on one with women around the world after hours. Broken Heals is an organization that guides women back to finding their power after experiencing trauma and abuse… that’s the big picture, but the reality is about a million little things that equal the whole of that mission.

Tash may have been the first bonafide boss woman I ever met.

She’s a total badass and I’m so grateful the Universe has put her in my path.


Here we go....

Diving right into it, my experience with powerful women has been that a lot of them have a challenging backstory that eventually led to finding their power and I know you’re no different. This being said, you recently told me you weren’t interested rehashing the story that led to founding Broken Heals. Can you tell me why you’re done telling that story?

It dawned on me recently that although I had built Broken Heals out of my own personal story of abuse, that I was tired and weighed down by the thought of having to continuously share my abuse story with all those I connected with.  Regularly repeating this traumatic period of my life was helping to empower those around me but was in turn keeping me down emotionally and spiritually.

When Broken Heals was first established, sharing my personal story with others was empowering, liberating and helped me build amazing, long lasting connections with women and other organizations.  It was also integral to my personal healing process as it helped myself and others recognize that a support system existed where we could all share our similar experiences of pain, trauma and perseverance.  Sharing that story of pain in itself was healing. Being able to speak about it until it no longer stung or brought tears to my eyes helped me to measure my own progress.

As I’ve grown, I now recognize how important it is to my personal healing journey, as well as to the growth of Broken Heals that I begin to reveal a NEW story - one that is focused on connection, healing, love and growth.  It is important to not continue to live in the past and instead to lay a solid foundation for my present and future. And as people follow my growth, I want them to see where I’ve come from and where I am going and be able to mirror positive values and standards in their own lives and create their own new, incredible stories.

Do you think there’s a point where reliving the past keeps women in troubled situations from moving forward?


Why do you think this is so common?

There’s a meme that I read that said:

“It just occurred to me that many people are actually afraid to heal because their entire identity is centered around the trauma they’ve experienced.  They have no idea who they are outside of trauma and that unknown can be terrifying.” @eboneedavis

I think it is common for people to be stuck in their past, reliving the negative stories over and over again because they don’t know any other way to live.  They don’t know what life could look like after healing. The fear of the unknown and failure is what is frightening. We have to become empowered by the idea that through the healing - the new person that you become will be absolutely amazing - and allow that thought to move you through healing.  We have to be okay with actually moving through the healing to achieve a positive outcome.


Shifting the focus more towards your journey with Broken Heals, how or has the organization changed since you began?

BH started as just a simple blog to connect women who have gone through abuse and could not find resources to help them find awareness and healing.  Since then it has changed into us hosting our own workshops, transformative events and one on one coaching to directly impact women and help guide women on their healing journeys.


How have you changed as a woman?

Girlllllllll my confidence and self love has literally gone from 0 to 100.  I started Broken Heals with zero understanding of what it meant to love yourself.  I am a huge believer in authenticity. It is so important to me to practise what you preach.  So even if at times I had to stop BH just so that I could get right with myself, take space, cry, learn to love myself, heal, end negative relationships, whatever it was - I did all of that FIRST for myself and SECOND for my organization and the women connecting with me.


Outside of broken heals, what’s going on with you?

Myself and my friend and confidant, Nigel D. Birch, are working on building a community called MNFSTBLACK (Manifest Black) where we focus on recognizing individuals within the black community in Toronto that are doing dope things and helping others within our community manifest and reach their goals.  The intention of MNFSTBLACK is to change the stereotypes and narrative that is surrounding the black community and create a new story built on positive manifestation and recognition.

You and I take a lot of about manifesting and attracting energies. Have you got anything in your manifesting pipeline right now?

I am working on manifesting and staying open to more opportunities through my career, more financial abundance and I would like to manifest a few trips - I’d like to touch each continent this year (maybe not Antarctica it’s too cold for all that) - I feel like that would be crazy dope.

What’s 5 years from now Tash’s life look like?

In 5 years I will be 37 and as old school as it may seem - I would love to be building my family at this point with an incredible man and a beautiful child.  I don’t believe there is any perfect age for this, however 37 feels like a good age for me to have 1 or 2 children running around.

In addition, I imagine that I am solely working on Broken Heals - speaking, teaching, traveling and hosting transformative events.


When’s the next book?

I have intentions of revising the current book - to focus it more on poetry, quotes and healing techniques.  My goal is to have this revision ready for 2019. I have book ideas flowing all threw my veins but these projects will take some time and right now I’m solely focused on building the internal processes of Broken Heals, booking more speaking gigs and being apart of awesome workshops and events in 2018.


What was the last thing you did that made you feel powerful?

The last thing I’ve been doing for myself that has made me feel powerful is keeping my ass at home! LOL

I get really caught up in having to go to every networking event, every social gathering and every meeting - even when my heart just isn’t feeling it.

Recently, I’ve begun to adopt the habit of saying ‘No’ more and just focus on protecting my energy, protecting my space and protecting my time.

No is a positive word.  No is a powerful word. And No helps you take better control of many areas of your life that could be faltering.


What’s the next thing you’ve got your sights set on to makes you feel that way?

I am working on the internal processes of Broken Heals - the complete business plan, the workshop curriculums, the speeches and the training processes etc.  I’ve always been one to just go out and do. I would create a general outline and then just let it flow and see where it takes me. Although this has worked pretty well thus far, I’m at the point now where I feel doubtful in my ability, my work and whether or not it can be duplicated by future trainers that I envision joining my team.  So I’m taking a big step back to poke holes at my own work, to have a business coach guide me, and to create a solid foundation for Broken Heals to thrive on. THIS will make me feel powerful :)

You can find Natasha at brokenheals.com @natashahelwig