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The Ultimate Witchy New Years Eve In

When I was a kid we spent every new year's eve at our cabin in Haliburton with a few of my parents friends and their kids (who were roughly mine and my brothers age).

We would host Mario Kart championships, build jumps for our GTs (if you have no idea what that is, click here), and wage  war on my brother (he's the oldest) with an arsenal of snowballs. We played hide and go seek in the forest (sounds like the start of a horror movie now, but was so much fun back then), and marvel at all the fancy 'adult food' (aka hors d'oeuvres) my Aunt Margaret would bring. One year that same Aunt Margaret even let us kids each have a tiny cup of champagne at midnight before lighting off the fireworks (we def pretending to be drunk and dramatically fell down in the snow).

It was perfect.

Since then I've chased that feeling of the perfect new years eve. I've done the house party thing, the club thing *shutter* and every thing in between and never been able to capture that perfect cozy but special feeling I used to get at the cabin.

I know what you're thinking... go to your cabin! But the thing is, my family shuts down their place (now in Muskoka and a full time house) to head south for the winter (because they're old) and my cabin won't have begun construction until the Spring (what a pretentious tragedy to have, right?). Soooo this is the part where I get to the solution....

I'm having The Ultimate Witchy New Years Eve In. That means candles, tarot, tons of fancy vegan apps, vegan Chinese take out, some kind of velvet outfit, noise makers, a firework or two and a big ol' bowl of nostalgia.

It also means some manifesting magic. Since I'm an organization loving freak of nature, I've created a (very witchy branded) schedule via DIY party poppers containing activities & items that will either assist with reflection of 2017 or help manifest for 2018.

Every hour (in between mouthfuls of chop suey and gingerbread) I will "pop" one of the poppers to reveal my task for the hour until it hits midnight.



This is what I did each hour:



"Welcome the night with 18 moon salutations."


*Popper includes Luna Mist from Rogue Wood*

7:00pm JOURNAL

"Journal your experience in 2017. Write down your best moments and most challenging moments in all areas of your life (career, work, relationships, friendships, home, family), along with any big news or changes. Make notes on your political views, style and hobbies.

*Popper includes Space Pen from Field Notes*


Make a detailed list of 25 things that you are grateful for in the year 2017.

*Popper includes: Paper for writing the list from The Paper Place*



Play a 20 minute guided meditation and focus on what you wish to attract in 2018.

*Popper includes a Palo Santo stick from Aquarian Soul*

10:00pm MANIFEST

Choose 3 big things you wish to manifest in the new year. Write them down, and meditate on each one for 3 minutes with your new crystal. When you’re done, place the manifestation notes with the crystal into a box or envelope.

*Popper includes a Quartz from Rogue Wood*

11:00pm TAROT

Connect to the Universe with this guide to create a tarot spread that will guide you in 2018.

*Popper includes a moon print bandana to wrap tarot in from Little Lark*


Time to celebrate! Make a toast to the new year and the fortunes it will bring.

*Toasting with kombucha from Witches Brew Kombucha*


This is the DIY guide I used for the poppers.


Happy New Year!